Sunday 22 December 2019

Yuletide felicitations

Here's a wee treat, a festive hymn to be sung to the tune of 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' around the dinner table after crackers pulled, appetites sated and thirsts quenched.

Given the challenges that the sport does face next year let's all make the most of what we have now. Brexit is done. The three wise men and the Angel of the North  have left the building, the shepherds have returned to their flocks and the guiding star is now stationery high above Colnbrook. The stable and the manger are empty and the Innkeeper has taken down his 'No Vacancies' sign and is now on AirBnB.

Peace reigns across the land once more - Aye, that WULL be right, eh?

( Chorus )
All cars fast and furious,
   all drivers quick and slow,
all engines, lights and bodywork,
   the AutoMighty made them go.

The rally car awaits us
   all blessed and ready indeed
for driver and for co-driver
  and He who wishes Godspeed
( Chorus )

Each intake trumpet opens,
   And makes the turbo zoom
He compressed their fiery mix,
   He made their engines vroom.
( Chorus )

The red hot glowing turbo,
   on eight or four or six,
the spark plug and the mixture,
   that fires up the mix.
( Chorus )

The rollcage does protect us,
   the belts they hold us tight
the arches they are widened
   and the wings give added flight
( Chorus )

The conifers in the greenwood,
   the gravel roads ahead
provide the perfect backdrop -
  - for Santa and his sled!
( Final Chorus, and gie it laldy )

Merry Christmas everyone - from all at Castle Bunnet

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