Wednesday 18 December 2019

Rally - M-Sport in Lego

I said the other day we need to attract newcomers to the sport, well how about this? The younger the better, eh? When I saw this I was sorely tempted to buy one for myself, never mind the weans, especially when I saw who the small action figure was modelled on. I know the figure is wearing a helmet but he's carrying a big spanner. The only fellow I know who can wield such a big spanner in the most intricate of situations is the M-Sport Workshop boss, one Arthur Gallacher Esq. What clinched it was the expression on the figure's face - the thoughtful grimace. Now that's Arthur to a 'T', eh?

Apparently the M-Sport WRC Lego kit costs around 13 quid, has 203 parts and is 191 mm in length, and suitable for 5-8 year olds. So that's another letter up the lum to Santa and lie about my age. Methinks I'll need to go and look out a bigger Christmas stocking.

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