Friday 10 May 2019

Rally - Speyside Blethers

If you are going to let your service crew apply the stickers to your rally car please ensure that they didn't go to Joanna's Night Club in Elgin the night before the rally, clattering back to the hotel at 2am and then up at 6 to get ready to rally. The end result was more Norah Batty's stockings than Pretty Polly perfection.

You have been warned, plus other tales from the Speyside Rally covering such wide ranging topics as Ben Nevis, vegan sausage rolls, who was responsible for the rubble in Cooper Park and the evils of gambling! Yup, you've guessed, just another look behind the scenes at a Scottish rally.

Anyway, that's the Speyside Rally coverage complete, now on to the Granite at Leuchars Rally - more on its way soon.

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