Saturday 18 May 2019

Rally - Editorial transport

Much interest was being expressed in the mode of editorial transport this weekend. Not out of any concern for the welfare or wellbeing of your overworked and harassed roving reporter, but in the hope that it would provide an opportunity amongst the considerate masses for some severial slagging following last month’s northerly trip to the Speyside in a diminutive, nuclear green Suzuki Jimny. Nope, this time, the editorial carriage was much more befitting of a gentleman of some standing and repute. The Citroen C5 Aircross is one of life’s serious ‘wafters’. With its high seating position and typically soft and comfortable Citroen suspension, the ride proved extremely cosseting, both on the trip up and down the M74 and the old ‘A74’. Even a trip up the forest road to the test day proved relaxing to the editorial posterior and internal plumbing. Yup, if you want a comfy cruiser with a shoogle-free ride, the C5 Aircross is hard to beat. It also defied the efforts of critics to come up with a reason to ridicule your esteemed and venerable reporter!   

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