Thursday 3 May 2018

Rally - Speyside Classes

That's the full Class roundup from the Speyside Stages now in the on-line mag. Tried to get round everyone on the day but if there are any gaps/omissions then you can take issue with my big hairy pal. Retirements are always the most difficult to ascertain reasons, but you can always, text, FB message or email after the rally. And for those who just drove past without saying a word - a big raspberry to youse.

The intention is always to try and get a word with everyone, because every competitor has a story to tell and the last man/woman home (or lost in a ditch somewhere) is every bit as important to the sport as the winners. Where else would you get such quality info? Nowhere - because no-one else could be *rs*d.

So if you want to find out what happened to rivals, friends and family, there is only one place. Check out the mag and you'll find the 'Contents' on the right of the Main Page under 'Latest News'.

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