Wednesday 16 May 2018

Road - Hyundai i30N

The big thing about the performance version of Hyundai's i30 is its understated looks. Few would believe that under the bonnet there is a 2 litre, turbo four pumping out 271 bhp. But the best is yet to come. Fire it up and drive it. This is more than a match for any of the top European hot hatches currently on the market. It's not just quick, it handles. The other thing is seeing folks' faces and hearing their exclamations - "but it's a Hyundai". Yeah right, by the time they've realised that it's the i30N, it's over the horizon and gone.

The 'N' denotes Hyundai's Performance Division, and what a job they've done. There's little that is 'N'ormal about this car, it is absolutely 'N'uts.

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