Friday 11 May 2018

Rally - Speyside Tailpiece

With the Scottish Rally hitting the forests next weekend in the deep south, here's a final lookback at the Speyside in the far north with a photographic study of a very lonely chap, entitled, "Worried and waiting," or perhaps, "I must be using the wrong deodorant."

This was the scene at the finish of the Speyside Stages as John Forrest having finished 39th o/a with John Wink (after a slight tumble in the Hyundai!) got out of the car and sat on the grand portico steps of Moray College waiting for his wife Aileen to finish her first ever event. On her rally driving debut, she was driving a 270 bhp Mitsumonster Lancer, through forestry gravel roads where danger lurked round every bend, hid behind every tree and lay in wait in every ditch, hence John's concern.

As cars came, clocked in, and went, John lifted his gaze momentarily just to check who it was, then back to his phone screen as he watched Aileen and Pauline's progress on the 'Flying Finish' stage by stage results service. 

Eventually, as the sun sank ever lower in the encroaching evening sky, a flash of white at the far end of Moray Street heralded the arrival of one unblemished Lancer with two jubilant first timers on board - and one awfy relieved, but no doubt proud and happy hubby standing at the finish.
Proof that rallying reaches the parts that other sports fail to stimulate.

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