Friday 4 May 2018

Rally - Speyside Bletherings

One of the big attractions of rallying in Scotland, is the banter. For sure, the speed, the challenge and the cars are the main factors, but what turns this expensive passion for speed and cars into a sport, is the banter. Rallying is regarded by mainstream media as a 'minority sport' hence its rather poor public perception.

No doubt that only helps to perpetuate the sporting camaraderie and the feeling that we're all in this together, so let's share it and enjoy it.

On that basis, here is the latest collection of scuttlebutt and banter overheard at Elgin. For instance, engineers are regarded as terrible timekeepers, and the proof is revealed here. Also, what do the letters 'MK' stand for and what do you give the man who has everything on his 60th birthday? And as a bonus, there is a genuine public health warning for men of a certain age regarding the dangers that zips in gentlemen's trousers pose to those in a rush!

These are the stories you won't read elsewhere, and of course, they are all perfectly true.

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