Wednesday 5 March 2014

Rally - Spectators and the FC

A couple of weeks back ‘Motor Sport News’ carried an informative and thought provoking column (well, I thought it was!) about the Forestry Commission taking a closer look at ‘spectator management’ on special stage rallies.

They are concerned about the health and welfare of folk trekking into the woods, for whatever reason, but rallying is one of the most spectacular events that regularly attracts folk in their thousands. Hence their interest.

The knowledgeable spectator is not really an issue here, and fortunately, the eedjits are few and far between, but it is those who don’t know any better who need to be protected from themselves.

In other words there is a need to educate, inform and manage these folk, so that they don’t become a sport threatening problem.

Anyway, the full text of the column is here, and if we ever get ‘Closed Roads’ the issue could become even bigger!

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