Tuesday 4 March 2014


Apologies for my earlier cessation of internetural manoeuvres, but a return to normal service is now underway. It had better, the mother-in-law has threatened to send over some home made slices of porridge and some radiator sealing gloops of scotch broth to aid my recovery, or hasten my departure, I’m not sure which.

But as a follow-up to my earlier posting with regard to the Government’s consultation on Road Closure orders and motor sporting competition, here’s a few more notes and hints.

The consultation document itself runs to some 27 pages and as an example of how to decimate woodlands and kill trees to produce more waste paper, it’s a good example of our esteemed Civil Service at work. In other words, don’t go printing it off unless you delete a lot of the white space.

I digress.  On Page 23 of this document there are 5 questions to be answered by fans and followers:

Once completed, save a copy of the questions and your responses, before sending a copy to:
And if you need a hand with the written word, ‘Our fathers, which art in Colnbrook’ have kindly given us a few pointers on how we should respond, with suggested answers on Page 3 of the MSA newsletter:

Knowing how some of you have a very limited grasp of the English language and the written word, these might provide ideal templates to follow. I can’t imagine any Whitehall mandarins responding positively to such pleas as: “Close the roads, or else, ya ba’heid” or “Oor cooncillors are a bunch of eedjits and shouldnae be trusted, so let us git oan wi’ it oorsels.”

The questions on Page 24 of the document are for those who are more involved in the process, for instance, car clubs and event organisers. If any organiser has friends/colleagues/allies in the Police and Local Authorities with whom they deal when organising local events, by all means have a word with them and get them to support the cause too.

We’re talking a change in the law here, and make no mistake we must all do our individual bit, because you can bet your little suedette racing bootees that there are thousands of individuals and organisations out there who will resist this, from tree-huggers and twitchers, to fishers and dog-walkers, and every other interest in between. Unlike us, some of these organisations are pretty well organised and they’ll be canvassing support and opinion and trying to cause enough of a stooshie to stop it.

This is our big chance. So try and persuade your family, friends and work colleagues as well, to fill in the questionnaire and return it. We won’t get another chance in our lifetime.

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