Monday 24 March 2014

Rally - Free ferries!

The Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally is bidding to attract more Irish crews over for the end of season thrash in the south west in October by offering them “free ferries”. Unfortunately this is not the munificent offer that it first appears. Although the headline attraction is a ‘free ferry’, the small print makes out that it is only a ‘free return trip’ on a ferry.

In other words if you want to captain your own vessel, buy a rowing boat at Largs. Still it would be good if more of those celtic furriners from across the waatter could come across for the weekend.

I well remember those pre-rally parties on the Saturday night before the rally on Sunday morning. The term a ‘grey dawn’ took on a new meaning. It wasn’t the sky that was grey, it was the pallour of the many faces reeling and staggering out of the Gatehouse of Fleet hotels and guesthouses. Nowadays it’s all soft drinks, fruit and yoghurt.

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