Monday 31 March 2014

Rally - Greek postcard

Further to the earlier report on Craig Breen and Scott Martin’s success in Greece, Peugeot Sport sent out a press release with some pics. They got Scott’s name correct in the text, but they misspelt or mistyped his name in the results – they called him ‘Scoot’!   

Don’t laugh, we’ve all done it, but I think the name should stick, eh?

Here’s hoping Craig gets more drives after his success though. He set fastest time on 4 stages over the weekend with team mate Kevin Abbring getting two fastest times before the Dutchman retired with a punctured radiator.

Next outing for Craig and ‘Scoot’ in the 208 T16 will be next weekend’s Fel’s Point Circuit of Kerry Rally in Tralee as a high speed test ahead of rround four of the ERC, The Circuit of Ireland Rally on Easter weekend.

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