Friday 21 February 2014

Rally - Snowman tomorrow

If today's weather is anything to go by, then tomorrow's rally will be called the Snowlessman Rally. At the moment only one stage has snow in it, the second stage (of 5) at Ben Wyvis. There's only a 1.5 mile snowy stretch over the top, and it's wet with black lines already appearing in the snow from the course cars. So unless there is a precipitation tonight, then there will be no need for snow tyres tomorrow.

That should please the top seeds who won't be called in to do snowplough duty. Top seed Euan Thorburn will be hoping for better luck than the Wyedean last weekend. Euan explained what happened: "At first we though it was a misfire or an injector problem, but when we took off the electronic module from the top of the engine we could hear water sloshing about inside. It's supposed to be a sealed unit - only it's not sealed!"

"We don't know what caused it, but it could even have been a pressure washer which did the damage when we were cleaning the underside of the car. Anyway, that's what we're hoping."

As for the number 2 seed, David Bogie got off to a cracking start last weekend, winning the Wyedean, but when asked if he would keep the Focus if he did the same this weekend, said: "No, the plan is to sell the Focus. It will have to go, even if we're doing well in the championship - but we might use the R5 just to get miles on it before Wales Rally GB!"

Quintin Milne has re-shelled his Evo9: "We found the old shell was kinked, that's why we bent so many bottom arms last year. It was continually running out of line."

Jock Armstrong is back with the same Subaru he used last season as his new car won't be ready till the Granite or maybe the Jim Clark, but he was wearing an awfy smart new, bright orange jacket with more sponsors names and badges on it than fairy lights on a city centre christmas tree. "I need to change my jackets regularly," he joked, "because when you get champagne sprayed on them as often as I do, it ruins the lettering and makes them all sticky."

He added: "I think I only managed it twice last year!"

Here's hoping he ruins some more this year, in the nicest possible way.

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