Friday 21 February 2014

Rally - In development?

One especially interested spectator tomorrow will be Rory Bryant, Scottish Motor Sport's new Sports Development Officer, having his first taste of Scottish forests. Although how much he will learn about the sport is not entirely clear.

The Highland Car Club organisers have called upon the services of one of their elder statesman to chauffeur him around the forests and introduce him to the idea of competition on gravel roads.

Most of you won't know Bob Wilson,but 20 years ago this month he won the Snowman Rally co-driving for Donald Milne (yes indeed, that's Quintin's faither!) in a Nissan 2.4 litre engined Metro 6R4, an event they both won in 1991 as well. And while we're on the subject, there's another Milne out in the woods tomorrow, Quintin's younger brother Freddy. Surely he can't be any dafter than Q?

Anyway, if you do see Rory out and about, be kind to him. He'll be the one with the bleeding ears - only kidding Bob.

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