Friday 21 February 2014

Rally - Added Focus

It looks like Andy Horne will be joining the ranks of the Ford Focus WRC owners club following a successful deal completed this morning. That means he won’t make his home event, the Snowman Rally but should be out on the Border Counties. Bruce McCombie will debut his new Evo9 tomorrow having given up on the Subaru, and Dale Robertson has completely rebuilt his ‘new’ Evo9. Last Sunday the centre diff failed so that was fixed, then the turbo failed yesterday! And that was after shaving the head and rebuilding the suspension. 

Now that he’s joined the Scottish Rally Championship committee, Gordon Adam has taken on a job ‘observing’ each event in in the 8 round series. He did however remark that Gary has sold his 2.4 Millington and Dave Plant gearbox, and replaced them with a 2.5 Millington and Tractive gearbox in his MkII.

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