Monday 21 January 2013

Road - World domination

Last year, the Volkswagen Passenger Car company finished off the 2012 year with a new record, delivering 5.74 million vehicles to customers for the first time in a twelve-month period, a near 13 per cent increase on 2011 deliveries.

Volkswagen has therefore become the world’s top car manufacturer. At the same time it has just opened its 100th production plant in Mexico.

All very impressive so far, but there was talk at the Detroit Auto Show that Volkswagen has designs on a new ‘budget’ brand. This is attributed mostly to Renault’s runaway success with the Dacia brand, and since both Skoda and Seat have gone upmarket, Volkswagen doesn’t really have a Dacia competitor.

Volkswagen has also entered the World Rally Championship. What next, Formula 1? That would pitch VW against Mercedes-Benz and Renault at the top end of the market while it takes on Dacia at the bottom end of the market.

Interesting times lie ahead.

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