Monday 14 January 2013

Road - Good Samaritan

Despite the best of intentions, I had to miss out on the Autosport Show at Birmingham last week. Pity, I was looking forward to it, not so much to see what was on display, but to catch up with St Christopher’s lost children making their annual pilgrimage to this altar of speed and hi-tech engineering. Maybe next year.
Anyway here’s a  nice wee story to get the New Year off to a good start, and a cautionary tale for those who rashly offer to do a good deed.

Janice's car after the rescue!
When Janice Dunlop stopped at the scene of an accident to see of she could be of assistance, she allowed two crash survivors to sit in her car till help arrived. Unfortunately they developed neck pain while sitting there so when the ambulance and fire service arrived, the rescue blokes sawed the roof off her perfectly good Vauxhall Vectra to get the injured crash survivors out!

With her own insurance company unlikely to pay out, Vauxhall stepped in and offered her a replacement car free of charge through their Network Q used car operation.

Nice one Vauxhall.
Janice with her 'new' Vectra

And although I missed out on a trip to Birmingham, it’s off to Manchester tonight, for the first UK drive of the new Ford Fiesta tomorrow. The start of a busy year methinks. There might be a bit of a recession still going on but there are lots of new cars being introduced this year.


  1. Hardly a recession in the car world John - UK car sales at a 4 year high and Jaguar taking on 800 employees... So some of them are doing it right. Europe of course does seem to be going downhill.

  2. Aye, sales are one thing, profitability quite another.