Monday 7 January 2013

Road - UK's top Small Car

Now here’s a daft (but nice!) wee story to kick off the New Year. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT), who compile the industry’s new car sales statistics, the top selling small car in the UK in 2012 was the Ford Fiesta. Last year 109,265 Ford Fiestas were registered, but it would appear that this top selling small car has actually been outsold by another small car which is better for the environment since it produces no emissions whatsoever.

It’s also very lightweight, and made entirely from recyclable materials, and consumes no fossil fuels to power it. Neither does it have any batteries so it doesn’t need any overnight re-charging. On that basis it doesn’t need a Road Fund Licence at all and can actually be driven by youngsters under the age of 17.

The only real drawback is that it is a single seater and won’t be suitable for anyone over 3 feet tall!

To capitalise on this success, Little Tikes has started up a Cozy Coupe Owners Club. Membership includes a personalised number plate, T-shirt and Drivers Licence. The kids even get a sticker for Mum's (or Dad’s) car which proclaims: “My other car is a Cozy Coupe”.

Oh, and the price? It retails for around 55 quid, but be careful where you borrow the money. If you take out a car finance deal through one of those tacky payday loan TV ads, it could cost the price of a proper Ford Fiesta.


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