Friday 18 January 2013

Road - Monster machine

If you thought the new Ford Ranger currently on sale in the UK was big, then it’s worth bearing in mind that over in Americky, they sell a range of pickups they call full-size, which are bigger than anything on sale in Europe.

And whilst our modest British Ranger looks big compared to the current crop of pickups, you should see what Ford were showing in Detroit this week at the auto capital’s annual show.

Ford say it is purely a concept vehicle, but you know what happens to concepts? If the public like them and the manufacturers think there is a market for them and profit potential, then it can be hard to resist.

There is no information on engines and drivetrain as yet other than ‘EcoBoost’ engine technology will be employed and neither is there any information on dimensions, but the thing looks huge.
What size is it? Check out the guy at the front

It looks as big as a theme park and just as much fun.

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