Friday 18 January 2013

Road - Numbers game

Statistics, eh? Who’d believe them? Still it gives you something to get the pub argument underway of an evening. Especially this one.

Apparently, drivers using the roads in and around Caithness exceed the speed limits 36% of the time whereas in Argyll, they only do it 8% of the time. Those who break speed limits most often appear to come from Bristol (5% of the time) and Greater London (8% of the time) but the research also claims that Yorkshire drivers only break the speed limit 5% of the time.

Given the fact that Caithness has some cracking roads and are pretty much empty most of the time I can understand that, but Yorkshire? There are some fabulous driving roads down there, so that statistic is hard to figure.

And there’s more, the most popular time for speeding is 5.59 am when the roads are at their quietest and the least popular time for speeding is at 5.16 pm - during evening rush hour!

The research was undertaken by an outfit called Wunelli who supply the insurance industry with a lot of ‘facts and information’ which is used to calculate insurance premiums.

And how about one more? The driver most likely to be caught speeding will be driving an Audi TT. The analysis suggests that Audi TTs spend an average 22% of their time on the road over the speed limit.

So what does that say about hairdressers and dentists? Or Audi drivers? Or Scottish drivers? Or Scottish roads? Or statistics?

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