Thursday 5 August 2021

Rally - Morgan goes rallying

The Morgan Motor Company has just revealed details of one of the most unlikely rally cars you'll ever see given the automotive advances we currently see in World Rallying. However, you won't see it in a forest near you any time soon, the Plus Four CX-T has been specifically designed for adventure/endurance rallying.

Following the launch of the Plus Four last year Morgan partnered with Dakar race car specialist, Rally Raid UK, to jointly design and engineer the Plus Four CX-T. Just eight vehicles will be built, priced at around £200,000 - each!

The exterior has been designed to maximise luggage and equipment carrying capacity most obviously with attention to the rear panel which has been replaced with an equipment rack.

The rack houses two ruggedised and waterproof Pelican luggage cases, a Zarges aluminium tool/storage box, two Rotopax 11-litre containers and two spare wheel/tyre assemblies.

The external protective exoskeleton can also be adapted to carry additional equipment while the removable side screens can be mounted on to the roof.

Larger wheels and modified suspension with EXE-TC coilover assemblies have raised the car to give 230mm of ground clearance.  

A five-piece underbody protection system looks after the vitals while a bespoke exhaust system with rear side-exit improves the departure angle.

The Plus Four CX-T utilises a BMW X-Drive electronic differential with a choice of three modes which can be indiviudually selected depending upon the driving conditions and the complete package tips the scales at around 1300kgs.

The cabin is enclosed within a composite hard top which is unique to the Plus Four CX-T and is fitted between the internal and external roll cages.

Given the number of automotive eccentrics and nutters out there, there's bound to be a queue. Sadly although I qualify on a personal basis, poverty will rule me out, but ain't it a bluidy wonder!



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