Sunday 9 May 2021

Rally - Test Day ??

With the closed road Dunoon Presents Argyll Stages Rally getting ever closer (25th-26th June) some rally drivers may want to try their cars out on a sealed service ahead of the big day. Scottish Sporting Car Club may just have the answer over the weekend of 29th/30 May.

The annual two day NON-SPECTATOR Iain Pinkerton Memorial Sprint will take place at Kames and rally cars could be eligible for the 'Competition Car' classes.

Not only will drivers get a chance to blow the cobwebs out of their exhausts, see if their race suits still fit and flex their seized-up oxters it will provide an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the new Entry & Signing-On procedures as required by MS UK ahead of any motor sports event. And this is something we'll all have to get used to.

Motorsport UK has made clear that the new arrangements for remote scrutineering will become the new norm, even after the pandemic is over, so please save copies of the relevant documents on your computer, ready for use when entering other events.

The first stage of scrutineering will consist of the competitor self-declaring that his/her car and safety equipment comply fully with MS UK regulations (this declaration is incorporated in the entry form).

The competitor will then submit the following documentation in electronic form along with his/her entry form (and should take hard copies of these documents with him/her to events, for production if required by the scrutineers):

Entries in the Road Car Classes must attach:

(i) proof that the car is currently taxed

(ii) copies of the road insurance certificate for the car

(iii) the MoT certificate (for cars over 3 years of age).

(NOTE: a copy of the DVSA webpage for the car is acceptable proof of both road tax and MoT.

Entries in Modified & Competition Car Classes must attach:

a copy of the car’s Vehicle Passport or Competition Car Log Book.

( Competitors with expired CCLBs will need to apply for a new Vehicle Passport via the MS UK website as soon as possible and have the completed form endorsed by a Motorsport UK scrutineer. )

The final stage of scrutineering will then take place at the event, with Scrutineers conducting highly detailed examinations of 20% of the entry, to check that every aspect of the competitor’s self-declaration is correct.

Depending on the total number of entries each day, the Paddock area may have to be expanded to cope with '30 people bubbles' and each entered vehicle can only be accompanied by the driver plus one other. NO SPECTATORS will be permitted entry to the venue. Naturally, final details will be determined by the latest Covid-19 regulations if there are any changes before the 29th.

Entries close on the 14th of May, and full details will be published in the Final Instructions.

In return the organisers are promising at least one practice run (almost 3 full laps) and three timed runs (almost 3 laps each) each day whether you enter one day or both days. The Entry Fee for each day is £100.

Regs and Entry Form are here:


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