Wednesday 12 May 2021

Rally - Back on Track

YeeHaa ... An official announcement from on high!


Motorsport UK can confirm that dual occupancy events will be permitted in Scotland from today, 12th May in the Year 2021.


Following the restart of the sport in Scotland on 29 April, Motorsport UK clubs can now organise events involving dual occupancy from mixed households, with disciplines such as stage rallying, trials and navigational events now unlocked in the region.


Along with new measures detailed in the latest updates due to be published, competitors must continue to follow the existing competitor COVID-19 guidance. All vehicle occupants will need to wear a face covering when not wearing a helmet and balaclava inside an enclosed vehicle and competitors will also be asked to produce a negative result from a Lateral Flow Test prior to the meeting.


Motorsport UK would like to thank Sport Scotland for its assistance with the special agreement for motorsport in Scotland and more details can be found in the updates to Appendix A, which will follow shortly.

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