Thursday 24 September 2020

Defending the Defender?

At the risk of inviting more vitriol for daring to actually like the new Land Rover Defender, I have published my initial review article in the on-line mag. Make of that what you will.

To those of you who still think it's not a 'proper' Defender, for whatever reason, you are right. It's not a replacement, it's a 'new' Defender. The old Defender is dead, long live the new!

And again to those of you who think I am a convert, a traitor or worse - here is my review of the last of the Defenders to come off the production line five years back - just for balance!

Of course they are different, and much as I revered 'the original', I now prefer the new Defender. Or maybe that has more to do with advancing years and a desire for comfort than fond recollections of jolting about the countryside collecting bruises and skinned knuckles.


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