Saturday 5 September 2020

Rally - Enter Stage Right

The first stage rally to be held in Scotland since the Lockdown will be the Garden Memorial Stages Rally at RAF Condor on Saturday 26th September. Entry is limited to 75 cars and two person crews (with a limit of 2 members per support/service team) and already the organisers have received enquiries from as far afield as Newcastle and Oxford. In other words if you're interested, better be quick!

Regulations for the 6 Stage (39 miles total) event are on the website now and Entries are due to open this weekend, closing on the 19th September. Entry Forms will be available shortly on:

This will be a non-spectator event and all required Covid-19 regulations will be observed and restrictions will be in place, and enforced.

The same club is proposing to run another single venue event at Milltown later in November and with Glenrothes MSC intending to run their Kingdom Stages at Crail at the beginning of November it might just be well worth blowing the cobwebs off your pride and joy and polishing the rust and get out there to go rallying.


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