Wednesday 9 September 2020

Road - The new Defender

The Covid19 delayed press launch for the new Land Rover Defender was a strange and subdued affair yesterday. This was the first such event up here for six months and on arrival at the 'Scottish Land Rover Experience' centre host venue near Dunkeld there were no hand-shakes and (thankfully) none of these now fashionable greetings by hugs!

As for the vehicle itself, the new Defender is nothing like the utility vehicle of old, cram packed with electronics to make off-road masters of the most inexperienced novice. The vehicle's ability is quite extraordinary, but it comes at a price.

There's no denying the new Defender has gone upmarket. No longer can it be classed as the farmer's friend, the quality and capability of the vehicle will undoubtedly find new friends. It's on-road manners are quite impeccable and incomparable with the previous model whilst its off-road performance is more than a match for anything its predecessor achieved before.

Full review to follow. 

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