Monday 8 June 2020

Rally - Change of tack

Recent posts have been getting a wee bit too serious, so in order to lighten the mood I have published another article to entertain, enlighten, inform and educate. It was while researching the history of Scottish rallying, and the origins of the sport itself, that this important and surprising information came to light. What may surprise you most is just how far the sport dates back.

Naturally this is the shortened version of that research, but it's still a bit long for social media so it has been published in the on-line mag.

Now, whilst these revelations may stretch your credulity and test your judgement, I can  honestly state (with fingers crossed!) that it is all based entirely on factual documentation, diligent research, scrupulous fact checking and an educated grasp of ancient Latin, Norse, French and Weegie.

Indeed it can only be a matter of time before MS UK come knocking asking that this information be put into the wider international public domain.

Even so, there may yet remain doubters amongst you. But honestly, would I tell a fib?

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