Saturday 29 April 2017

Rally - Scots in Carlisle

David Bogie
After his Border Counties misfortune, there was more disappointment for David Bogie on the Pirelli Rally, the second round of the British Championship, when a brake pipe sheared on the first stage of the day.

“We were just 2 miles in, when the brakes disappeared,” said David, “and we did the next stage with no brakes at all. We managed to crimp the end for Stages 3 and 4 and did them with braking on three wheels.”  And just as a point of interest, during the 15 minute service between Stages 2 and 3, only the crew and one mechanic were allowed to work on the car using tools and spares carried in the car.

Donnie and Garry
On the other hand, it was a good day for Garry Pearson. First time in the Fiesta R5 since last year’s Galloway Hills he ended the opening day in fourth place. “It was a good day,” said Garry, “but it took a wee while to get back into the swing. We clipped a bale on the exit of a chicane in the last stage and that bumped us into a ditch but it was at slow speed so we were able to power out and get going.”

Donnie MacDonald finished the day in 13th place just ahead of Alex Laffey, John Wink 19th and John Morrison 20th.

Fergus Barlow was contesting the Junior Championship and after a good tussle with Josh Cornwell ended the day 9th in class and 26th overall.

No night off for the Biscuit Engineer
There was another weel kent face amongst the Scottish contingent, a certain Biscuit Engineer by profession from Uddingston in Tunnockshire. Apparently he got the call at 10 to 6 on the Friday evening when Alex Laffey’s regular co-driver took ill. “I was just getting the guid claes on for a night out with the boys at the pub when I got the call,” said Stuart, “to the effect, get your ‘nether regions’ (expressed in a strong celtic vernacular) down here now.”

Fredrik Ahlin leads the event from Osian Pryce and Keith Cronin, after early leader Tom Cave retired the Hyundai with broken rear suspension.

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