Wednesday 5 April 2017

Rally - Condor at Arbroath

Entries wanted ... There are still a few entries needed for Glenrothes Motor Sport Club's Memorial Garden Stages Rally at the Condor Air Base just outside Arbroath on Saturday the 15th of April. This event ran for the first time last year on a trial basis and the club and the sport have been invited back for this year.

The trouble is, very few folk know about the event at all. That is partly due to the fact that no 'Media' were allowed to attend last year so the rally received very little pre event promotion and post event publicity. This is understandable, up to a point, as the airbase is still 'active' and only those with the relevant passes (officials, competitors and services crews) will be allowed to enter - and more importantly, leave again afterwards!

The MSA, the clubs and the sport need to be careful what they wish for. Banning and restricting 'media' attendance at events can only do harm to the sport in the longer term. At the present time, the 'Media' are suffering from an over-reaction to tragic events a couple of years back caused by one individual, but which had wider repercussions. If the activities of genuine and responsible reporters and journalists are curtailed then the sport will suffer.

It has to be said that part of this over-reaction was caused by some clubs and event organisers themselves who failed to actively control those whom they approved and signed-on at their events as 'media'. Not everyone with a camera is a professional photographer!

Sermon over. The 'Media' are again banned from this year's event (so I won't be there) but it needs to be supported. Any club which has the gumption to get out there and find new venues needs competitor support. Admittedly, a date just two weeks after Ingliston was not helpful, but such are the limitations imposed by the MoD. The event is a counter in the Junior 1000 Championship, but it needs the support of 'senior' entries to make the event viable.

The club has a route comprising 51 miles of stages and following comment last year, the organisers have arranged with those awfy nice folk at Beatsons Building Supplies to help out. With the agreement of the Base Commander, Beatsons are supplying 10 tonnes of concrete to fill in a few link sections to make it even better!

So if you fancy a run-out or need to give a new/repaired car a shakedown or test, here is the ideal opperchancity.
Regulations and Entry Forms here:

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