Saturday 8 April 2017

Rally - Coltness CC plans

 It's obvious that Spring has now sprung. It would appear that hibernation is over and life is returning to the deeper and darker parts of Lanarkshire. The sights and smells of Spring are also accompanied by the sounds - of Bears stirring, stretching and scratching in the woods. The Coltness Bears that is.

The worry is that they are still relatively quiet. That means they are either eating or thinking. This should concern us all. They are not fussy about what they eat, whether it is dead or alive at the time of consumption, or encased in pastry or anoraks, so strangers are best advised to keep their distance. However, it is the thinking that raises most anxiety, but fear ye not, on this occasion there is no need for apprehension.

Hard to believe, but it's now ten years since the world of motor sport lost Colin McRae in that terrible accident which also claimed three other lives. That loss was felt particularly hard in Coltness Car Club, not only Colin's home club, but that of Jim and Alister too.

Colin was not only an inspiration to fellow Coltness members, or even just to UK rally followers, he excited and entertained rally fans right across the globe. On that basis the club feels it is right to mark this tenth anniversary and over the Winter months have been mulling over various ideas.

Sadly, the Colin McRae Forest Stages Rally ceased to be a couple of year back, for various reasons, but there is a desire to organise something a wee bit different in the woods. September is the favoured month and Perthshire the likely location, but what format this event will take will be finalised at a meeting this coming Monday in the Bear Cave.

No doubt it will involve rally cars and speed, and the aim is to celebrate rather than commemorate.
Will this be the last ever Coltness organised celebration event? Who knows? On that basis, perhaps it is worth pencilling in the 23rd of September. Apparently plans include a large spectating area - in a  forest?

More news to follow soon ...

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