Thursday 29 October 2015

Rally - Crisis? What Crisis?

It’s a bit late, but a certain Mr Bunnet wrote an article following his attendance at the Scottish Rally Championship meeting earlier this month. This is one of his coffee and caramel wafer jobs i.e., you’ll need that to get through it! Given the number of competitors who turned up at the meeting, one could be forgiven for thinking that all is well with the world of Scottish rallying. Well, it ain’t. The meeting was very poorly supported by those who stand to lose most. The Scottish Rally Championship lost two events this year, how many more next year? Competitors need to tell organisers what they like, what they can afford and what they will support, otherwise new uses will need to be found for rally cars – rockery backgrounds, practice vehicles for the fire brigade or maybe fast targets for 12 bore game shooters. The SRC management committee and clubs next meet on the 7th of November. Golf anyone?

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