Friday 2 October 2015

Rally - Last Call

If you have a rally car sitting in a garage and want to use it on a forest event next year in Scotland then best get yourself along to a rather unique meeting being hosted by the Scottish Rally Championship tomorrow (Sat. 3rd Oct.) in Perth.

The event is being chaired by Competitors’ Representative Susan Shanks who has invited all SRC registered crews to the meeting in the Holiday Inn Express in Dunkeld Road.

Why the urgency? Next year, there might be only four forest rallies, or there could be six, but probably not eight. Hence the need to find out what competitors think and want.

There is no secret agenda at work here, the SRC are keen to hear competitors’ views - and rally organisers NEED to hear competitors’ views.

Susan said: “I have ideas I want to cover and have already received emails from some people who cannot make Saturday so these will be used to kick off.  I want to see the forum led by the competitors. We are not entertaining any talk of the safety rules etc, these are here to stay, this is all about how we can go forward.”

If you can’t make it, email her your thoughts and questions, but be brief for gawd’s sake, the poor soul is already half frazzled!  However don’t raise your expectations too high. Not everyone will share the same opinions and views, so there will have to be compromise, but to be part of the debate you have to be there.

And if you don’t do it and don’t like what is served up next year, then who is to blame? The SRC are trying to do something positive – for all our benefit.

It’s set to get underway at 2pm tomorrow. Be there – or take up gardening.

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