Monday 10 August 2015

Rally - High Flyers

For those of you who missed Summer this year (that was back in April) here is another chance. This was the scene on Saturday at Dundrennan on the Costa del Solway. The blue stuff in the background is the sea, or to be more accurate the Solway Firth, better known as the northern Mediterranean. Unfortunately Autumn resumed its onward march on Sunday and we couldn't see the sea any more. We couldn't even see the tops of the hills for a haar rolling in.

But a look through the photos taken on the first stage on Saturday morning might suggest that Richard Dickson in his Subaru did not set the altitude record at the 'Flying Crossroads' after all, cos some of the FWD mob were aiming for their duty free ration by the looks of things.

Anyway you can judge for yourself. The pics show Murray Coulthard, Alex Curran, Ross Carbry and Willie Paul. And if you wonder why all the pics were taken from the same spot that's simply down to the new 'access rules' on special stages.

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