Wednesday 5 August 2015

Go Motorsport Live

No, it’s not an American dentist eyeing up his next wall hanging, it’s just Rory Bryant with his newfound furry friend ‘Marshal the Motorsport Volunteer’. Rory is the National Development Officer for Scottish Motor Sports and he will be on duty at Knockhill on Sunday 16th August.

The occasion is Scotland’s inaugural ‘Go Motorsport Live!’ event at Knockhill Racing Circuit. According to Rory: “We are really looking forward to welcoming visitors to Go Motorsport Live! Scotland. Every week there is a fantastic variety of club motor sport happening all over Scotland and this is a great chance for us to show how easy it is to get involved either as a competitor or a volunteer.”

The event will provide allcomers and all ages with the ideal opperchancity to find out how easy it is to get involved in the sport, from karting and motor racing, to rallying and cross country events, and everything in between.

Also on the same day is the latest round of the Scottish Motor Racing Club Championships  which normally cost ten quid a head admission, but if you pre-register on the: website you’ll get in for NOWT!!

So share this with your family, friends and work colleagues or any other folks who express interest or who have kids who would love to get started.

In addition to the motor race meeting itself, there will be a range of club displays, activities and nice folk to talk to and even a chance for an AutoSolo passenger ride.

Need another reason? Just by pre-registering, visitors will automatically be entered into a FREE prize draw to win tickets to the MSA British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) at Knockhill the following  Sunday on 23 August!

And as for Rory’s friend, it makes you wonder who is under the fur? I might tell you tomorrow, or maybe I shouldn’t. Rory’s just back from his honeymoon – and it ain’t the Missus under there !!

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