Saturday 1 August 2015

Rally - Bogie still leads

David Bogie continues to lead the Speyside Stages but has admitted to 3 overshoots today: “That’s more than I had all season last year,” he said, “it’s my fault, lack of concentration.” He’s in good company though as Jock Armstrong failed to capitalise. “I’ve been in the trees,” said Jock, “It was a 7 into a 9 with adverse camber and it was slippery and I just slid into the trees.”

Donnie MacDonald is still holding an excellent third place but has only 3 seconds in hand over championship points leader, Bruce McCombie, so the fight is on with a vengeance here. Bruce needs the points and was spotted leaving service on new tyres – with only two stages to go. Unheard of!”

Mike Faulkner’s fightback suffered a setback too. He had an overshoot and is still in fifth place with Mark McCulloch having fixed his self-ejecting rear brake pads by drilling the retention pins and putting split pins through them.

Shaun Sinclair has dropped back to seventh but was lucky to complete the last stage as the car spluttered over the Finish line low on fuel.

Oh, and the proper summer weather is back. It’s raining, but that will dampen the dust and slipperise the surfaces.

Leaderboard after 7 (of 9) stages:
1, David Bogie, 31m 37s
2, Jock Armstrong, 32m 00s
3, Donnie MacDonald, 32m 30s
4, Bruce McCombie, 32m 33s
5, Mike Faulkner, 33m 05s
6, Mark McCulloch, 33m 11s
7, Shaun Sinclair, 33m 11s
8, Barry Groundwater, 33m 41s
9, Andy Horne, 33m 53s
10, John Rintoul, 34m 13s

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