Thursday 12 March 2015

Rallying - The Future?

The Motor Sports Safety Review Group has published its findings and its recommendations. Now it's up to the sport to implement them.

Yesterday the Scottish Government hosted an intimate meeting (one of many planned) in Leith. John Cleland, President of the Scottish Association of Car Clubs was there, as was a member of the motor sporting Press!

Following that, what started out as a short review turned into something rather longer than intended. It's not so much a report on what was discussed, but more a wider reflection  on where the sport of rallying is at present and where it should be going.

The sport now has a serious job to do and unless it can prove that change is underway, multi venue stage rallying in Britain could cease to exist. Fortunately the Government is keen to help, advise and encourage. The bigger problem will be finding the necessary funding to implement the compulsory changes. The MSA said they will help, but ultimately their coffers are limited.

And therein lies the trouble. If it's not sorted then it won't be going anywhere.

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