Sunday, 29 March 2015

Rally - A Call to Arms

The news that UK  legislation to allow Public Roads to be closed for motor sports events has generated much excitement and debate, and also some notes of caution.  Quite right.

The recent passage of the Deregulation Bill which will permit public roads to be closed for motor sports events has energised the ongoing debate about rallying. Equally, the appointment last year of a new President for the Scottish Association of Car Clubs has energised the quarterly meetings of the association.

The new Prez didn't say much at his first meeting, said a little more at his second then gave it full throttle at the most recent. He's a very driven man, he can also be stubborn and impatient!

The trouble is, if the club representatives and the club members don't respond to his foot on the gas we'll get left behind. He'll disappear over the horizon leaving us to our own devices, and we'll be back where we started - on the road to nowhere.  We're only really going to get one shot at this, the countdown is already underway. The challenge now is to keep up - and try to get ahead.

The text of his letter is printed here with some additional editorial and info:

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