Saturday 14 June 2014

Rally - Rintoul wins

John Rintoul scored his first outright rally victory for nearly five years when he won today's Summer Stages Rally at Crail Raceway. It was also co-driver Ross Hynd's first ever rally win in 6 years of co-driving.

A steady run was all that was needed to seal the win despite the antics of Alistair Inglis who never let up the chase in his Lancer as he pursued the Hyundai.

But this can be a cruel sport at times, just ask David Ross. First time on tarmac and only second time out with the DAM he had a chance of a podium, but on the final stage just yards from the start line, a rear tyre deflated. He didn't hit anything, but that was it. All hopes dashed with the hiss of escaping air.

Gary Adam therefore secured third place in his Escort ahead of John Paterson's Escort. Ross Marshall was fifth and Colin Gemmell rounded off the top six in his Subaru.

Dom Buckley had been expected to go well but at the end of the first straight on the first stage, the brake pedal sank to the floor. However disaster was avoided due to great skill, courage and a fine driving talent (it must be true, he told me so himself) and he managed to bring the Subaru to a halt safely. He did finish the event but in 15th place. Remember, this was a GrpN Subaru compared to the old yellow GrpA car!

And rather than have to face a gloating son over the toast and marmalade all next week, John Marshall Snr retired on stage 6 when the throttle sensor failed in his Escort. Fifth overall? The boy done good, eh?

Leaderboard after 7 (of 7) stages:
1, John Rintoul, 53m 12s
2, Alistair Inglis, 54m 14s
3, Gary Adam, 54m 47s
4, John Paterson, 55m 36ss
5, Ross Marshall, 56m 12s
6, Colin Gemmell, 56m 20s
7, Lee Hastings, 56m 32s
8, Peter Gibson, 56m 48s
9, Stuart Walker, 57m 11s
10, Ian Paterson, 57m 17s
There will be a full report in Scotland's top rally mag: middle of next week.

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