Monday, 2 June 2014

Rally - Another View

It would appear that certain sections of the great British press have already conducted their own exhausting and intensive investigations into last weekend’s tragic events. Their attention to detail and forensic questioning has resulted in their ascent to a position of authority on all matters of motor rallying!

Meanwhile, others are giving vent to opinions and observations based on little or no knowledge. The trouble is, the vocal minority provide more eyecatching copy for headlines than the quiet majority.

It therefore comes as no surprise to discover that tomorrow (Tuesday) questions will be asked in the Scottish Parliament, that intellectual debating chamber where public posturing and the scoring of political points often seems to play little part in balanced debate and sensible outcomes.

What seems so unfair is that the organisers of the event in question have been asked by Police Scotland and the Crown Office not to comment. This is understandable - to a point, as it allows the critics to say whatever they like without fear of contradiction and knowing that there will be no comeback.

This whole matter raises in our sport the same questions that are being faced by other headline grabbing matters currently being pursued through British courts in the full glare of media reporting and speculation.

Should such widespread, uncontrolled media speculation be allowed prior to the Police concluding their investigation?

The longer this goes on, the more harm it will do. Whilst our thoughts are rightly with the bereaved and the injured at this time, we should also spare some consideration for the personal feelings of the crews in the cars, those volunteers first on the scene and unused to such sights, the amateur and professional paramedic, ambulance and rescue crews, members of the Police and their forensic teams - and of course, to the dozens of dedicated organisers and marshals themselves who appear to be forgotten in this pre-emptive rush to judgement.

They need our support too.

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