Friday 13 June 2014

Leap of faith

Went for a meal last night and took the water taxi. It would appear that the Danes have adopted a rather more relaxed and common sensical approach to 'Elf & Safety' than us Brits.

When it came to embarking the heaving boat on to the floating pontoon and then leaping on to the dockside, there were no barriers or safety ropes - just a yawning chasm, a swaying top step and a mad reach for helping handers!

Neither was there a burd in uniform telling us how to fit and inflate a safety vest in case we landed in the water!

Mind you, after the meal we returned to the hotel by bus, but then again, our hosts maybe didn't want us to risk leaping off the dock with a few pints (litres?) of Carlsberg inside us. That was a pity I had already arranged with the water taxi captain that he would take us water-skiiing on the return trip using the benches outside the restaurant. 

On another point, how come Carlsberg tastes so much better over here than at home? It's the same with Murphy's, it's always better in Ireland than in the Britain.

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