Friday, 27 June 2014

Rally - More testing

Scott Peacock left early after an oil leak got worse on the Peugeot. Turns out the sump was cracked. "I had leak earlier in the week and thought I'd fixed it," said Scott, "I took all the bolts out of the sump and it didn't fall off, so I had to get a big screwdriver and lever it off. There was no gasket, just silicone all the way round!" So he fitted a new gasket and re-bolted it only to find this morning that it was the sump which had a wee crack just at a corner.

After his Plains Rally non-finish, when a shock absorber broke on the penultimate stage, Keith Riddick has the MG back in one piece for tomorrow. He wasn't there this morning but Scott said that the MG had tarmac springs and forest shockers, o no wonder it broke, and the otjer side was leaking. Needless to say young Keith was pretty dischuffed as he wasn't aware what was actually fitted to the car when he got it.
Of more importance to both youngsters is the fact that Scott's Dad, Donald, is out in his Peugeot, and neither of them want to get duffed up by the ol'man. This is more than just competition and rivalry, this is much more serious!

Speaking of youngsters, Blair Brown was at the test this morning with his 205. A week ago he visited the Higgins' Rally School and had a session with David. First thing he was told was that he was too sideways, so David tidied him up. He also told him to be smoother on the brakes and to be off both brakes and throttle whenhe turned into an apex. By the end of the day he was quicker than the start. Job done. All he has to do now is to put theory into practice tomorrow.

Apparently Jim McRae was here yesterday with the V8 Firenza now that it has a 3.7 diff in place of the previous 4.1. This was done in a bid tor reduce wheelspin - in top gear! Rumour has it that the beast (the car, not Jim) has over 400 bhp.

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