Saturday 29 December 2012

Rally - Hunter still going

With 6 stages gone, Ross Hunter has managed to hang on to his lead in today's Grant Construction Knockhill Stages, but there is trouble afoot.

During the lunch halt, the Hunter team descended on the car like a swarm of midges. The engine was goosed and they would have to fit the spare, otherwise Ross was out. Changing engines in a FWD car is not for the fainthearted and certainly not to be attempted out of doors, with no pit, hydraulic lift or hoist. Nobody told them. The new unit was out and the old engine was re-installed in 38 minutes. Now that's impressive.

Ross then took to the track in a scintillating display of controlled cargression passing cars hand over fist as he was running last car on the road at this point. So for the moment, Ross is still the Provisional rally leader, provided the Time Cards bear this out. The organisers are checking the Time Cards at this very moment. It's just a bit too tight to call at this stage.

Stuart Baillie has displaced Lachlan Cowan for second place despite the Subaru having lost third gear but Lachlan hasn't given up yet. He's only 4 seconds behind, but Stuart Walker is catching up fast having had his brakes sorted and he's now fifth, just 2 seconds behind Lee Hastings.

Leaders after 6 (of 8) stages:
1, Ross Hunter, 32m 42s
2, Stuart Baillie, 32m 56s
3, Lachlan Cowan, 33m 00s
4, Lee Hastings, 33m 04s
5, Stuart Walker, 33m 06s
6, Ricky Wheeler, 33m 14s
7, Colin Gemmel, 33m 26s
8, Graeme Schoneville, 33m 41s
9, Alan Gardiner, 33m 41s
10, Billy McClelland, 33m 48s

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