Friday 28 December 2012

Move over Pirelli

Once upon a time, garage walls and tyre fitting bays were festooned with girlie and glamour calendars. Sadly no longer. Political correctness has seen to that.

Another tradition that has mostly disappeared is the annual gift of a calendar and or diary from manufacturers and trade suppliers. Bribery and corruption fears have seen off more expensive gifts like chocolates and bottles, but calendars and diaries were always sought after.

Maybe that’s down to changing times and technology with everyone connected to online diaries and carrying smart phones that remind them of appointments and keeps them connected with colleagues.

Whatever, I have received just one calendar this year (thanks Peugeot) and no diaries, but there is one calendar I would like to grace my walls. As a lover of all things mechanical and practical I would like a copy of the JCB calendar which is now available through their dealerships.

The theme this year would appear to be based on paint. Primarily the shade of yellow that decorates JCB’s vast range of machines.

Sadly, the backhoes, diggers and crawlers do not feature so prominently on this year’s calendar, which is a great pity, tending to concentrate on a rather diverting splash-fashion show.

I’m sure, like me, we’d all like to see more of the machinery. Alongside are three of the six pictures from the 2013 calendar which demonstrate what I mean.

A great advertising opportunity wasted, what do you think?

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