Friday 2 December 2011

Road - Tokyo Show Sho-Case

Looking like a mobile fish tank, and taking the concept of gull-wing doors to a whole new level at the Tokyo Show, which is on now in Japan, is this zero-emission next-generation passenger car, called the Sho Case, from Daihatsu.

The car is powered by metal-free compact liquid fuel cells and utilises a low-cost fuel cell stack that uses no rare metals which is a big plus for this new fangled technology. The high density fuel gives it a long range and it is all hidden under the floor.

Apparently, the steering wheel and seats can be folded into the floor to create even more free space. And just to give the scale of the thing. It is 3,395 mm long, 1,475 mm wide and 1,900 mm high.  That makes it shorter (by 225 mm), narrower (by 227 mm) and taller (by 395 mm) than a Ford Ka! It also has a longer wheelbase at 2,450 mm than the Ka with its 2300 mm wheelbase.

So no chance of a one-make rally series here then, eh?

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