Friday 23 December 2011

A Christmas Greet tae Yin an' a'

Cute festive fotie!
Christmas is a time for cheer
But certainly not for all
Certain folk work like mad
When others are off on hol

Santa’s piled on the pounds
He’ll need to exercise
That he’ll do come this weekend
Pushing his sleigh across the skies

Mrs Claus has tinsel-itis
The strain’s just too much to bear
The tree fell over and broke its lights
And scattered all its balls across the flair

The fairy too has had a hard time
Up where the tinsel flickers
A wand of gold stuck in her hand
With a fir tree up her knickers

Santa’s elves fare little better
sweating hard on Christmas toys
Skinning knuckles and banging thumbs
For spoiled and grasping girls and boys

The reindeer also get it tough, Flying through the night
With little time to stop and pee, Let alone a shi*t*!

The garden’s full of fairy lights, The neighbours are looking scary
The power surge has blown their fuses, And now they’re not so merry

There’s trouble too inside the Grotto, The burning candle has fallen down.
Joseph’s singed and Mary’s melted, And someone’s nicked the wise King’s crown

So, best wishes, good fortune and success next year, To all of youse on road and stage
From he who only stands and watches, With pen, note book and the empty page

            Aye ready and still quick!


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