Tuesday 13 December 2011

Road - To Infinity - and Beyond

On the basis that it’s got more front than Jordan, the bling mob will undoubtedly fall for the curvaceous charms of Infiniti’s FX30d. It’s like a big Qashqai that’s been fed on pie and chips with extra potato fritters – or battered chips to the uninitiated.

Not content with added girth, the grille mouth has been given a puffed up makeover. Mind you, this could be construed as a safety modification. This won’t kill pedestrians, it will just give them a big hearty smacker!

Read the small print!
Which is pity, because what it lacks on the outside it makes up on the inside. It may not have the understated style of other fifty grand motors, but it has all the trimmings. The leather seats are soft and cuddly and the dash is stuffed full of toys.

Underneath the long bonnet is a refined 235 bhp V6 diesel which is remarkably sprightly for such a big motor. It’s got a fully automatic 7 speed ‘box which can be operated sequentially by the stick shift or by paddles behind the wheel.

But there is one major drawback – the 20 inch wheels. The suspension is soft and pliant, but the low profile rubber does the occupants little favour over rough ‘B’ British roads. The shocks and judders unsettle the ride and it’s worse for those in the back than in the front.  I dread to think what the 21 inch wheels do for the ‘Sport’ version of the FX30.

The car rides well on motorways and smooth ‘A’ roads, but on anything less it will shoogle yer wallies like loose change in yer pocket. Nissan is working hard to make Infiniti a luxury brand and with the FX they are nearly there – nearly, but not quite.

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