Wednesday 15 September 2021

Road - Silly me!

Spotted this last night when looking for a high speed electric vehicle charger for my current press appraisal car. I didn't realise Mitsubishi were selling electric pickup trucks in this country, but there must be an awfy big battery in this rascal, it's taking up two charging bays. However, the driver must be new to this electric charging thing because I noticed that he hadn't plugged it in. Perhaps he was just in a hurry and forgot, and there was I thinking he was just a selfish, lazy, ignorant twat.

Seriously, the guy was parked there for over an hour and a half cos he was there when I arrived and emerged from the fitness gym just across the road as I was leaving.

Just another example of the problems facing electric vehicle drivers looking for public charging points. In this case, he had chosen (deliberately?) to park across two high speed charging bays and not the low power charging options behind them. Grrrrr!


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