Monday 13 September 2021

Road - Electric road rage


Life is good. Most of the time. It was good at the weekend. There was a rally on. A really good rally and the drive there and back was good, really good.

It was in an electric car with over 300 miles of range so no fears (well, hardly any) about range anxiety.  The weather was good too, well, mostly good, although a couple of early light rain showers kept the dust down, then the sun came out.

The craic was good too meeting up with friends old and new in convivial outdoor surroundings as the surrounding forest burst into vibrant mechanical and melodious life.

And then the drive home, sated with sporting satisfaction at the wheel of a responsive, quick and comfy Audi Q4. Marvellous. All is well with the world.

Monday morning. There are times when I really do like electric cars, and there are times when I really (insert personal choice of swearword here: __________ ) don’t like them!

When you do hit a problem at a public charging  station you can’t just walk into the ‘fuel station’ kiosk and ask if there is a problem with the pump. Nope you have to phone someone. Invariably a completely indifferent numpty working from home (because of Covid) and who is completely indifferent to your problem because you have selfishly interrupted their Netflix binge watch, ruined their best Call of Duty shoot em up, disrupted their Grand Theft Auto run, or made them miss their on-line Bingo number calls - Number 3 – Cup of tea!

Instead, they fob you off with the ‘it’s not my department excuse I’ll pass you through’. After waiting for someone else to pick up,  the response is ‘I don’t know why you were passed to me, it’s nothing to do with me’. Grrrr.

And folk wonder why I get grumpy.

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