Sunday 28 February 2021

Rally - 2021 Snowman Rallython

2021 Snowman Rally ... Oh no there isn't, oh yes there is! In fact Highland Car Club will be presenting the Snowman Rallython on Saturday 6th March - all day. I have no idea of the format or the content, and I wonder if the HCC snowpersons have any better idea. They are planning a whole day's worth of activities reflecting the fact that the Snowman usually presents a full day of rallying.

The affair will be run on the Snowman Rally Facebook page and will feature films and interviews, short stories and photos, games and public participation. How it will all work I have no idea but it would appear that Saturday 6th of March will be a day for staying at home, plonking the armchair in front of the screen, getting the beers in and the family sized bags of crisps on standby.

The 'show' will also feature stars from past and present and contributions from far and wide, and there will be plenty for the auld gits as well as the youngsters. Entertainment and fun is promised for all, so please support it, support rallying and tune in.

This will be the next best thing to cold feet on snowbanks, chapped cheeks in the cold and wet bums in the sleet. It sounds just like what is needed in these dark and pandemically troubled times.

There are a few clips already posted on the Facebook page, so have a look and make sure you bookmark it for the 6th.

The Snowman Rally website will also carry news in the run up to the weekend:



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