Sunday 7 February 2021

Rally - UK Rally Scene mag

Having a break ... The latest issue of 'UK Rally Scene' magazine is out now and available on Ebay. 52 pages for a fiver and post-free, so get your copy and get the torch ready for a night under the bedclothes. As usual, full of colourful pics and even more colourful tales, but there is one darker feature which will merely add to the nation's gloom in these harrowing times.

Apparently this will be the last issue for some time. There are of course numerous reasons for this temporary 'service halt', the main one being Covid related lack of news, but on a brighter note, Bob has come up with another ploy - an on-line free rally newspaper called 'Driver's Briefing'.

There is a sample issue out there in the ether, but I couldn't copy the link, so go to the Facebook 'UK Rally Scene' page for more info:



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